Etien Velikonja – Q & A

Find out more about my pastimes, hobbies and things I love and appreciate the most!

Favorite club?
Even though I consider Barcelona to be one of the most attractive cities in the world, I’ll have to disappoint their faithfuls. 100% Real Madrid!

Favorite player?
Sergio Aguero. Simply because he is a player, who can turn the match around in any given moment. He is extremely skilled and as such a perfect role model of a modern forward.

Childhood hero?
Ronaldo (Nazario da Lima). One and only. I still keep all his shirts.

Favourite movie?
The Hunger Games. I prefer first movie to the second one. Otherwise it’s tough to choose, I also enjoyed Slumdog Millionaire.

Last book that you read?
Craig Bellamy’s autobiography GoodFella. Recently I have also read Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s, Cristiano Ronaldo’s and Rafael Nadal’s autobiographies. Sir Alex Ferguson’s book is going to be next. I hardly wait to get onto it!

Favorite fashion brand?
Disquared 2

Dream car?
If it existed, it would be one that drives itself.

Favorite summer destination?
I like to see different places every year so I hope I still haven’t found my favourite one!

Favorite city / country?
Barcelona, Spain. Great place to spend your holidays. I am sure living there is also great.

Favorite meal?
Turkey Tolmin style with žlikrofi (local traditional cuisine)

Favorite music?
I like listening to Enrique Iglesias and his Bailando while driving. I prefer the Spanish version, because I’d really like to speak Spanish one day.

You couldn’t live without …?
Surely without football. It’s hard to get by without chocolate, even though I’m trying really hard to drop that habit. Well, it isn’t really working.

What do you do in your spare team?
I love to spend it with my girlfriend Maja, my friends and teammates. I love bowling, carting and I’m also very interested in other sports, particulary in tennis.

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